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February 14, 2006


Jayashree Prasad, Manipal.

I had first read the "anyway" poem on a hospital-wall, here in India (ten years ago), when my husband pointed it out to me. It said Author:Anonymous. Today, while happening to use the net, I accidently got to know that those are the ten paradoxial commandments by Dr. Keith. I read more about Dr. Keith as well as his writings. It was interesting to learn that Mother Theresa had got these commandments inscribed in one of her orphanages! And many think that the "anyway" poem is by Mother Theresa!! If these commandments should have touched a great soul like Mother, imagine the depth and reality of these statements! What an impact! Truly mind boggling!!

llewena mirli

I first discovered these wonderfully wise words in Thailand many years ago whilst on holidays they have kept me company every day on my desk ,have prev googled trying to find the author with no success ,so today was delighted to discover all . It has made my day an extra special New Years Eve here in Australia a hot 110f love and peace to all llewenamirli

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an extra special New Years Eve here in Australia a hot 110f love and peace to all llewenamirli

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